10 Fantasy Story Prompts

In wracking my brain for an idea I had a few weeks ago, I found myself considering numerous story starters.  Here are some decent prompts that imposed themselves.

  1. A character or characters with evil natures stumble upon the aftermath of a battle and are forever changed.
  2. The shadows of a forest are coming to life.  A villager disappears from the adjacent settlement, and the main character must solve the mystery.
  3. An elven or dwarven (or whatever) ambassador enters the throne room of an allied king to declare war in retaliation for the murder of his people’s crown prince.  The King knows nothing of this killing, but his seneschal does.
  4. An ancient sword is recovered, but the weapon is alive and intelligent, and its only purpose is to destroy a certain paternal bloodline.  When the sword chooses its final owner, the one who shall fulfill it’s purpose, that person is the target’s sister.
  5. Two schoolchildren awaken in a strange and magical land to find that a despised teacher is an evil overlord.  How will they overthrow the insidious instructor?
  6. A master wizard has devised an entirely new system of magic, but doesn’t comprehend the real source of its power: beings from the beyond.
  7. When a witch is killed by frightened villagers, her gods or spirits exact a slow and subtle vengeance.  Can the hero or heroine find a way to make amends and save the town?
  8. Awakened from a mystical stasis, the last survivor of an elder race must decide the fate of those who destroyed his people.  Though immobile, the ancient has been aware since the time of his imprisonment.
  9. In a realm where an advanced species of orcs hunt humans for sport, one person has found a way to turn the tide.  Will his people, who struggle to survive in the brutal wilderness bordering the orcish kingdom, have it in them to rise up against their oppressors.
  10. In the final battle between magic and science, a group of characters has discovered a way to end the conflict peacefully.   Unfortunately, both sides are on to them and dedicated to victory at all costs.

Do drop a line in the comments box if you’d like to share a fantasy story prompt of your own!

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In short, I like to think of myself as a poet, writer, actor, storyteller, artist, photographer, & new world man.
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10 Responses to 10 Fantasy Story Prompts

  1. Dasha says:

    These are awesome! I have some fantasy prompts for you:
    1). The main protagonist finds a box on his doorstep and gets sucked into it and into a whole different world.
    2). When a person dies, they find themselves in the underworld, which is way different than they expected.
    3). The hero/heroine finds a mysterious tomb in which they find a secret language of the ancients that they struggle to translate, and ultimately wished they hadn’t.
    4). A young person has such good vision they can see spirits, and the protagonist struggles with being a loner at school with the spirit’s help.
    5). Someone mysteriously wakes up as a young child not knowing where or who they are, and with the help with three other children, put together the dreams and visions they have to remember who they are and where they belong.
    That’s all I have for now, hope these are useful! And thanks, the ones provided really helped me get creative!

  2. Logan says:

    Thanks, Dasha!

  3. Jade says:

    Heres mine, its kinda long….A elven blacksmith creates a sword and names it Asherk’k, translated to the black knight. The sword is black, long, and, ultimately; evil. The blacksmith intended the sword to be used for good purposes, but when he created it, he had hatred and anger in his heart due to his sons recent death. The sword passes from owner to owner, searching for the person it wants to hold it. It falls into the hands of a young prince, and the sword turns him evil and makes him kill his father. The princes best friend is forced to lock him away in an ancient dungeon. He takes the sword and locks it into a chest and buries it far away from the castle. Finally, a young servant at the castle uncovers it. He is kind and smart, and he tries to wash away the swords deep dark history, that his father informed him of. They go on an adventure, because the new ruler is bad and tries to take the sword. Finally, the king is assassinated and replaced with a nice king. His name is Lord Arhvarr, and his father was killed by bandit orcs. He had then ran off and lived in poverty until he raised to be trusted king. As the ending of the story comes, the young servant makes a decision to give the sword to the kind king so the king can “dispose of it.” As soon as the king touches it, he turns into a familiar face and tells the servant he had just doomed the whole land. He was the prince that had been locked away. He had practiced magic with his fathers court wizard when he was young, and when he was locked up, he became really good at magic and transformed himself into Arhvarr to trick everyone. He then escaped the dungeon and made up his life story and assassinated the new king to become king. (Before the prince gets Asherk’k, he has a sword that is supposedly good but is actually evil but not as strong as Asherk’k, its name is Kavhnu, which means The Baneful. The story ends. SEQUEL! (I got the sword idea from u :)

  4. Carina says:

    These are great! Thank you!

  5. Jimmy says:

    I loved Logan’s number 2. There are so many things that could happen from it!
    Here’s a fantasy prompt:

    1) A character finds a letter on his door step. But he can’t read it so he goes too a wizard (or an old and powerful person) to translate it. The letter leads the character to a hidden library that isn’t just full of books. It’s also full of secrets…

  6. Briana_Lynn says:

    a young girl walking through the park at night, she is supposed to meet a friend but its getting late and she is getting scared what do you think she might find/do?

  7. Celia says:

    A woman finds a strange black box while spelunking in South American caves. She takes it back to her hotel room and opens it to reveal a shiny, but rather ordinary, key. However, over the next few days, she receives a barrage of threatening calls telling her to return the key to the cave. Soon after, a young child shows up at her hotel room, asking her to protect the key, even if it costs the woman her life. Disconcerted by the child’s young age, and intimidated by the strange caller, the woman decides to return the key to the cave. The night after she returns it, the woman flies back to her home in the United States. However, when she gets to her house, she finds the box sitting on her front porch. Who is the young child, and what does the key unlock? Who is the strange caller show threatens her, and why does he want the key? Who can she trust?

  8. Zoe_Taylor says:

    Celia, I love your idea, mind if I alter it a little bit and use it in a short story of my own? If you will let me I will be sure to give you full credit for any ideas of yours I have used! I was thinking of altering the key in the envelope to old smallpox scabs, the threats she receives are from bioterrorists who were hoping to use that against NY (where she’s originally from). However she decides not to return the envelope and protect it. However amidst all of these she has not opened it yet and has no idea what she’s protecting or from whom.

  9. annie says:

    they’re all great. I think I like #7 the best, but it could also be told with the witch as the protagonist. Well, you know, if you change it a bit. Nice work.

  10. nenita5478 says:

    This truly shows that there are still folks that value what they post on the web. I actually loved reading the comments.

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