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Logan L. Masterson

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Another thing I am is pagan. I hope that doesn’t drive you off, but if it does, that’s on you, not me. It doesn’t always come up, but I thought you deserved fair warning. Blessed Be.

I invite you to read my ‘blog, the Unbidden Voice (wherein I post writing advice, poli-social commentary, occasional news and assorted whatnots), as well as some of my other writings.

You can also find my work in a few other spots on the web, including Fantasy Magazine, where I have written a column called “Worldforge” and film reviews. At examiner.com, I cover the frenetic Nashville theatre scene. I am also a contributor to ArtsNash, and literary editor for Digital Fabber magazine.

My first book-length work, Ravencroft Springs is available fromĀ Pro Se Press. My first pro-published short story. “Clockwork Demons,” can be read in Capes & Clockwork, a steampunk superhero anthology edited by D. Alan Lewis.

I also make things. All kinds of things. Check some of them out: Riverbear’s Workshop.

You’re also welcome to look me up on social media: @Agonyzer on twitter and Logan L. Masterson on facebook. I also have an author fan page and a series fan page for Ravencroft Springs. I’m also on the Pinterest. Your “likes” are much appreciated!

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Digifabber Magazine

An amazing community for CNC fabricators and artists!

3 Responses to

  1. Tracy Lucas says:

    Looking good. Will watch this space!

  2. Peter says:

    Hello Logan
    My name is Peter Kaltenekker. I’m a production assistant here at http://www.hollyvillenashville.com. We are one of the local affiliate companies approved for video production with the eHOW.com “how to” video clips / series. I noticed you already have clips online for eHOW. Would you be interested in doing some more? The Halloween topic has 62 clips in 4 sections. Please let me know if yourself or anyone else might be interested in doing the clips. I appreciate your time. Thanks


  3. alva says:

    Logan, contact me if you can help me- the family of Augustus Thomas may have portraits painted by an artist I’m researching. I saw a piece you wrote about him. Just following a lead- best, Alva at artistchic@earthlink.net

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